2006 Motorcycle Trip 
Summer 2006 Motorcycle Trip. A week in Boise with a good Friend and a BMW motorcycle rally. Then a week or so to satisfy the gypsy in my soul by roaming a little over 3k miles through three states and one province.
The overloaded bike - ready to leave and still clean.*
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The Compulsory shot of Betty in front of the Tetons.*
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This is what a $30 tent site looks like.*
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The top of Teton Pass.*
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Craters of the Moon - Nat. Monument
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A lone flower in a huge black desert.*
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Too the Moon Betty, Too the moon!*
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Ste. Chappels Winery (yes, in Idaho)*
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Ste. Chappels (still in Idaho)*
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Tasting at Ste. Chappels*
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The Barrel room at "The Winery at Eagles Crest" (tasty ports)*
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The main blob of campers at the rally.*
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Beemers invade Tamarack Ski area.*
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Lunch spot at Tamarack (prime rib sandwich)
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A very nice CLC!*
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