Our beloved best friend, and best ski and bike buddy passed away Aug. 26. We miss you terribly DogZilla!
5 Weeks old*
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First meal
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Lexi always did have an interest in "landscaping"
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Where you want this?
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You eyeballin me?...
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Niko approx 3.5yrs Lexi about 6
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Deer hunter, backcountry skiier, open source advocate.
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Mmmm Deer...
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Whadya have for lunch... Chicken?
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Midpoint of Lexi's favorite trail. She always was a babe magnet...
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Geilo (mom and dad's pup) was about 12 here. Lex was about 6 months...
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Listen kid - ever hear of personal space?*
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That's it! Your stuffed animals are toast!*
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Lexi was a fixture at Hogadon Basin. She spent her day eating snoboarders and nuzzling telemarkers.
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(yawn) ok - I'm up... We skiin' now?
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These two can't stand each other - really!
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Duuuude! I so can't belive you forgot the beer!
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